Mounted Combat Preview



A while ago in the comment section I talk about a mounted combat system, it’s finished and I already send the update in DLSite so hopefully they will upload the new version soon. So while you wait, here is a preview on the new update!

The new update is uploaded on DLSite!


Finally, the game is available at DLSite English!



Here is the link to buy the game at DLSite English:

Princess' Edge - Dragonstone at DLSite

or if you prefer to buy it at DLSite Japan, you can use this one instead 😀

DL Site

Oh, and please note that at this time, there is no yuri content in the game, sorry T__T .. I will love to add it someday in the future though.

Here is the v0.16a Update to fix the gamepad bug, simply overwrite the previous files :D!


Momo-chan the Barbarian, 2nd WIP video!!


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The 2nd WIP video is here!! This time, the enemies are able to move and perform some basic attack (normal combo attack, dash attack, necromancer has one offensive spell). Momo-chan also has 2 magic attacks, I’m still planning to add more attacks and magics, like dash attack, anti-air magic, etc.

Suggestions and critiques are welcomed, so don’t hesitate to let me know what you think 😀 !