Umenomiya Kana & her Ciel System's transformed form

Umenomiya Kana is a one of the scientist captured by Dogma Empire. She become an experiment object to create a powerful Dogma warrior and had Ciel System installed within her body. Alice manages to save her just before Dogma scientist initiate the brainwashing procedure. Together, they make their escape from the ruin. However, this left the installation of Ciel System uncompleted and untested.

Umenomiya AliceUmenomiy Alice is an intelligent battle android created by Kana’s late father. She is captured along with Kana but manage to free herself with the help of a mysterious person. She proceed to free her master and together they manage to escape the ruin. After the event in the ruin, she gradually begin to act and think like a human which will change her relationship with Kana.

Kagura Himiko, Queen of YamataiKagura Himiko is a fierce Queen of Yamatai. Thousand years ago, she commanded the 4 starbeasts to defeat and seal Goram and his minions in the ancient ruin. According to legend, she put herself into an eternal sleep where she will raise again to fight her nemesis when Goram’s seal is broken. However, even after Goram has been revived and wreak havoc in the new world there is still no sign of her awakening.


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