Disclaimer: This is still in design stage so everything is subject to change, including the names.

So one of the gameplay feature of this new project is the pet system. This feature will let the main character to summon up to 3 pets once.

There are two types of pets: Guardian & Fusion. The main character has 2 Guardian pets slot & 1 Fusion Pet slot however some powerful pets can use 2-3 slots when summoned, reducing the maximum number of pets in action.

Guardian pets will fight alongside the player, some will fight hand on hand with the enemies, some will provide support attack, some will provide healing, some will activate various status effect.

Fusion pets will fuse into the main character’s body, providing stat boost, altering the basic movements/attacks, or adding additional passive skills.


A brief info on the pets:

Kunoichi will act as the DPS with her stealth & backstab skills. She will moves according to the main character’s action so in a way you have almost full control over her action.

Golden Bell is a fusion pet which boost the main character’s armor & absorb damage. Once in a while it will return the absorbed damage to his surrounding, damaging every enemies in the area

Angel Wing is a fusion pet which provide jumping bonus, double jump, & gliding. Very useful when moving beetween the platforms

Samurai act independently throwing challenge to everyone around her & act as a tanker.

Mole will dig around for treasures & provide instant dungeon exit with his tunneling skill. He can fight too though you can’t expect much of from him

Sun Wukong’s skill is not really decided yet though I already has some vague plan about his role. It’s revolve around the idea of creating a Saiyuki themed party with the main character taking the role of Sanzhang. So he will be both Guardian & Fusion pet.

I don’t know how much pets will be available in games but I will be very happy if I can reach at least 10 lol.

I will provide more details on pets everytime I finished working on one. Thanks for reading & let me know if you have any suggestions 😀 !