Sorry for the lack of post, i’ve been busy with commission and designing the gameplay for the new game (there is so much genre switching & design changes during the entire course of 2 months of brainstorming which prevent me from posting it >.<).

I’ve decided that the new game will be a dungeon explorer with a taste of simple platforming. The main focus will be battle, character skills’ & pet customization. I want to add exploration as one of the main focus but we’ll see how the development progress first.

Here what you can expect in the game
1. An area to buy equipments & a bunch of people to talk too
2. Level up system & skill trees
3. A bunch of pets to support your battle. They can also level up & get new skills
4. Dungeons

mmm .. everything except the pet system are pretty basic & obvious in other rpg … . orz. I might add more new features if the game is popular enough but for now I’ll aim low lol.

Here is the main character design