We all know that the Ciel Project will need a long time to finish. After the first prototype there will the second prototype with more features added, third prototype will follow, and then fourth, then fifth, this will keep go on until all of the features is included. This plan plus commission works will keep me from releasing any new game and I’m worry that the few people who follow me might start to forget about me … . T___T

So in order to prevent this catastrophe I have a little idea .. what if this prototype is changed into an actual game? That way I will have a new game to release & an improved game engine which can be used in Ciel Project.

I’m still working on the details of the game but judging from the 1st prototype’s features, it can be a small scale RPG, or a team beat’em up where you bring a bunch of AI controlled soldiers to help you in battle, or a platformer, or any combination of these 3 genres.

What do you think?