It’s time to discuss the gameplay design! Unlike what i said in the previous post this design is not final yet. At this stage I think it’s impossible to finalize the design since we still need to test it and make changes & adjustment
according to the result. So I guess this is the general gameplay idea instead?

Oh, and to make this post less barren here is Ciel’s sprite design! I remove all the belts because they’re a real pain to draw lol


Here is the basic gameplay features for the planned first prototype:

  • Characters are now drawn in chibi
  • Explorations are now similar to platforming game and use keyboard/gamepad instead of mouse. Don’t worry there won’t be any crazy jump etc .. this is an rpg after all
  • Party system
  • Pet system, Kana will have the ability to use a pet as a support. There are various pets to collect, each will have unique abilities ( homing magic attack, healing, trap related skills, ability to provide various status effect like stealth, fly, bonus stats, etc ).
  • I’m still not sure about this but i’m thinking the battle will be in real time. Again, this is not a beat em up genre so the difficulty will be lower than Princess’ Edge and even if you run into trouble you should be able to solve it with a bit of leveling ( plus you have your teammates to help you) so hopefully people who don’t have good reflex can still enjoy the game. For those who prefer their game hard there is always a hard mode to choose.

Most of the gameplay system are changed to speed up development time & save cost but keep in mind that this is still a side project so commision and other projects with greater money potential will come first ^^;

This is definitely doesn’t cover everything but I guess this is enough for our first prototype. Once it’s finished, a second prototype will be planned with more additional features. For now, let’s aim low lol ^^;

Let me know if you have other ideas/suggestions :D!