I’m currently still busy with commission works so far & seems that things won’t change in a couple of months. Thanks to those works I managed to recover some money that was lost during “Galactical Maiden Ciel” Indiegogo campaign & the development of “Princess Edge – Dragonstone” beat em up game. To be honest, after 2 straight consecutive failures I’m not to thrilled in involving myself in another high risk project (If you didn’t know, Princess Edge is planned to have yuri story incorporated but since the reception is kinda lacking the story didn’t make it to the final release) but a small part of me still thinking that who knows that this time it’s gonna work?

So yeah, the project is restarted, it will be in much smaller scales than the original project and there will be a lot of changes too considering the limited budget. My commission works will still be my top priority because unlike making your own games, this one is waaaaay much much more reliable in keeping my stomach filled. So expect the progress to be very slow.

If this project successful then expect an upgrade, if it fails again then I will return all the money from the indiegogo campaign and be done with it!