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The new prototype is finally uploaded, it now has 2 more special attacks, sound effects, combo counter, backstab feature, and consist of 2 stages. Please read further for the download link and usefull info.
MomochanWIP6 MomochanWIP7

Download Link

Press Ctrl-S to download the whole zip 😀 !

Here is the moveset list (you can also find the moveset list in the readme file inside the zip)

Special: z
Attack: x
Jump: c
Dash: v/double tap FORWARD

front throw: FORWARD + x while grapling
back throw: BACKWARD + x while grapling

Switch to upper plane: UP + v/double tap UP
Switch to lower plane: DOWN + v/double tap DoWN

TECHNIQUE (temporary names)
Shoryuken: UP + x
jump kick: DOWN + x while jumping
dash attack: x while dashing

moon slasher in air: z while jumping
psycho sphere: DOWN + z
psycho sphere in air: DOWN + z while jumping
power geyser: UP + z (can attack downed opponent)
shadow dash: z while dashing (useful to get behind the enemy and backstab them for additional damage)

That’s all I guess, please give it a try and let me know what you think 😀 !