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Finally the prototype demo of Princess’ Edge – Dragonstone is up! Please read further for the download link and usefull info.

Princess Edge's - Dragonstone Logo

Princess Edge's - Dragonstone Prototype Screenshot 1

Princess Edge's - Dragonstone Prototype Screenshot 2Here is the: download link

Press Ctrl-S to download the ZIP file from google (please do not try to download the file one by one manually, you’re torturing yourself and might screw up somewhere). Please note that this is a prototype demo, only 1 stage, some movesets are still not implemented, balance is more likely to be off, no music and sound effects.

If you’re wondering why the prototype takes so long while I already can make a youtube video since months ago, well … the testing with my friends took a while (and I can’t say it’s finished yet), I also plan the prototype demo to feature 3 stages but the bosses for stage 2 and 3 still needs a lot of adjustment. In the end, I decide that those can wait and release the prototype demo without them.

The game supports keyboard and joystick and they can be configured to your preference. There is a readme file included for how to perform skills but I copy paste it again here just in case …

z – magic
x – attack
c – jump
V – dash

double tap UP/UP + v – switch to upper plane
double tap DoWN/DOWN + V – switch to lower plane
double tap FORWARD/ V – dash

UP + x – shoryuken
DOWN + z – magic sphere (you can do it while jumping too)
DOWN + x while jumping – jump kick
x while dashing – dash attack

FORWARD + x while grapling – front throw
BACKWARD + x while grapling – back throw

However, screen Resolution changing is not implemented yet though … .

Well, that’s all for now. Please let me know what you think about the prototype!