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So here is a short WIP video about my new game project 

Actually I planned to post this last week, but I realize that the video was to short and barely shows anything, so I decided to cancel the post and add more stuff to the game. It still short though … but at least it has a bit more to show than last week’s version ^^;

The game is titled “Momo-chan the Barbarian”. It’s a beat’em up with some rpg elements added, probably similar to Capcom’s Dungeon & Dragon. The character moves between three planes instead the usual free movement (something like Guardian Heroes), hopefully it will allow a wider range of moveset for the character. The magic system is not final yet, but I’m thinking along the lines of summon magic. Something like a magical dragon mount (I always loves mounted combat), a fire dragon/phoenix which moves around the screen damaging every enemies, a fairy who shots electricity, etc. They will fight with the character and will run away after receiving a certain amount of damage. They’re not final though so don’t hesitate to let me know if you have some cool ideas 😀 !!!

Sorry about the video quality (my pc had a hard time recording the game lol), so here is some higher quality screenshots.

Momo-chan the Barbarian

Momo-chan the BarbarianAfter looking at these new sprites, I have a feeling that I need to redo all the sprites in Galactical Maiden Ciel … o.o;

That’s all for now I guess, cya all and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have cool ideas!!