So there is still around one month until the indiegogo campaign ends but I think it’s save to say that the campaign performs horribly and a major failure lol. That means I have to find other way to fund the game. Right now I’m busy participating in a local game competition, if I can win this I can get some money to fund Galactical Maiden Ciel. I also working on other small game as a backup plan(small means I can do everything by myself without any need to commision anyone). It’s a beat’em up minigame similar to Golden Axe/Bareknuckle but in much smaller scale. Hopefully I can finish it quickly and sell it (maybe around 5$-10$?) to gather more funds for the game.

Oh, and I put the second promo video on hold, at this point I think it’s totally pointless and a waste of time ^^;

That’s all for now! Cya 😀 !