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Here is another WIP battle screen screenshot. This stuff sure takes long to finish .__.WIP battle screen with half finished GUI

Now it’s time for a little bit explanation. Do you see that round stuff you in upper left corner of the screen? It serves like power bar with 3 levels ( green, yellow, and red). This bar will be consumed when Kana uses her Ciel System Overdrive skill. The drawback with this skill is that if it’s used with less than 3 power bars then it will consumes a great amount of Kana’s HP. So spamming this skill is really a bad idea ^^;

The bar can be filled with a successful attack/dodging. As the bar increased the white cylinder stuff will begin to spin faster and faster and emit lightning sparks (I’m still sucks at drawing lightning though >.< )

Aahh … I’m already sleepy, drawing lightnings make me sleepy. Cya until the next post ^^