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Another update for Galactical Maiden Ciel!

Kagura Himiko
She is a fierce Queen of Yamatai. Thousand years ago, she commanded the 4 starbeasts to defeat and seal Goram and his minions in the ancient ruin. According to legend, she put herself into an eternal sleep where she will raise again when Goram’s seal is broken.

The problem is … even though Goram is finally revived, our queen is still sleeping like a baby!!!

Besides Himiko’s character design, I also finished Kana’s idle sprite for battle (in Ciel form). Let me know what you think!!

if you haven’t notice, I’ve add subscribe button for email and RSS. Twitter button will come soon featuring Himiko-hime! Sorry if this stuff come late ^^. As a hikkikomori who barely have any contact with human being , I though that blogging is just writing stuff, post it, and be done with it lol

Oh, and thumbs up if you think the layout of this post is a total mess. It really drives me nuts and this is the best I can get >.<