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In a desolated desert of middle east, a group of scientists uncover an ancient ruin of alien civilization known as Dogma Empire. As they enter the ruin, they found few of it’s inhabitants in suspended animation. It does not take long until they begin to awake from their slumber and slaughter some of the scientists.

Intrigued by the fact that mere human is able to break the seal and enter the ruin. Emperor Goram of the Dogma Empire offer the remaining scientist to join his rank and fulfill his ambition to conquer the world.

Tempted by greed and power, some of the scientists decide to take the offer and undergo a body enhancement to become a super powered human. Some who refuse are enslaved to work on a project to revive the remaining Dogma warriors, while the rest become an experiment object to improve their military technology.


Umenomiya Kana and her Ciel's form

Umenomiya Kana
She is a genius scientist apprentice who become an experiment object for Ciel System to create a powerful Dogma warrior. She manages to escape during the brainwashing stage with the help of Alice, a battle android created by her late father. However, this make the installation of Ciel System left uncompleted and untested.

Umenomiya Alice

Umenomiya Alice
She is an intelligent battle android created by Kana’s father. She speaks in monotone and her only purpose is to protect and serve Kana. She is captured along with Kana but manage to free herself and help her master escape. After the event she gradually begin to act and think like a human, which surprises Kana greatly.

Galactical Maiden Ciel is a yuri Visual Novel with RPG elements. It features:

  • Room style dungeon exploration
  • Research points system to level up Ciel System’s power, skills and equipments
  • Semi Real Time Battle System. It works like the standard RPG battle, but the higher a character’s agility the faster he/she will get his/her turn
  • 2 Dateable girls (for now)

More characters will come soon! Let me know if you have any suggestion! Cya all!! (^ _ ^)/