Prototype or a new game?


We all know that the Ciel Project will need a long time to finish. After the first prototype there will the second prototype with more features added, third prototype will follow, and then fourth, then fifth, this will keep go on until all of the features is included. This plan plus commission works will keep me from releasing any new game and I’m worry that the few people who follow me might start to forget about me … . T___T

So in order to prevent this catastrophe I have a little idea .. what if this prototype is changed into an actual game? That way I will have a new game to release & an improved game engine which can be used in Ciel Project.

I’m still working on the details of the game but judging from the 1st prototype’s features, it can be a small scale RPG, or a team beat’em up where you bring a bunch of AI controlled soldiers to help you in battle, or a platformer, or any combination of these 3 genres.

What do you think?

Gameplay design for the 1st Prototype



It’s time to discuss the gameplay design! Unlike what i said in the previous post this design is not final yet. At this stage I think it’s impossible to finalize the design since we still need to test it and make changes & adjustment
according to the result. So I guess this is the general gameplay idea instead?

Oh, and to make this post less barren here is Ciel’s sprite design! I remove all the belts because they’re a real pain to draw lol


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Sprite designs for Kana, Alice, and Himiko


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I did some character redesigns like adding more clips on Kana’s hair, changed Himiko’s hair into purple colored Hime-cut style, Alice’s hair is unchanged but her eyes color is red now, Kana also has a different colored uniform now. In these sprites Alice & Himiko are wearing their military uniform, their other uniform will still appear in game if you’re concerned ( maid uniform for Alice & miko dress for Himiko). What do you think about these new designs?



Besides these changes, the gameplay will undergo some redesign too to adjust with the limited budget & lack of time. I will make a post about it when the changes are finalized :D

Plan to continue the yuri RPG – Galactical Maiden Ciel



I’m currently still busy with commission works so far & seems that things won’t change in a couple of months. Thanks to those works I managed to recover some money that was lost during “Galactical Maiden Ciel” Indiegogo campaign & the development of “Princess Edge – Dragonstone” beat em up game. To be honest, after 2 straight consecutive failures I’m not to thrilled in involving myself in another high risk project (If you didn’t know, Princess Edge is planned to have yuri story incorporated but since the reception is kinda lacking the story didn’t make it to the final release) but a small part of me still thinking that who knows that this time it’s gonna work?

So yeah, the project is restarted, it will be in much smaller scales than the original project and there will be a lot of changes too considering the limited budget. My commission works will still be my top priority because unlike making your own games, this one is waaaaay much much more reliable in keeping my stomach filled. So expect the progress to be very slow.

If this project successful then expect an upgrade, if it fails again then I will return all the money from the indiegogo campaign and be done with it!

Princess’ Edge on groupees bonus bundle & some update on my life

Princess’ Edge is currently included as a bonus in this groupees’ doujin bundle 2 along with other cool doujin title like Exceed, Higurashi, Hatoful Boyfriend, Hell Sinker, and Armed Seven. So if you’re interested in any of these games then maybe it’s a good time to grab it!

I’m currently still working on that commision stuff. The job is about making a fighting game with around 7 characters .. well, fighting games needs tons of art resource so I’ll be busy for a while. Unfortunately, the game is an exclusive request, so it won’t appear anywhere on the net ^^; .. On the good side, this will provide the necessary funds needed for my future games.

That’s all I guess! I’ll try to finish the game as fast as possible so I can back to blogging about my next game project :D

Hiatus for a while because of some freelance works! Sorry!

Hi! Well … this post is kinda late and doesn’t have much to show either … sorry T__T. The thing is that there were some interesting freelance job offers that interest me so I’ve been busy applying, negotiating, and working to get the job done (one of them is a small wrestling game comission o: ! It’s an exclusive game request though so it won’t be available for public, sorry T__T). I’m going to be busy for a while and at this rate, I’m not sure if I can submit my game entries to Magical Girl Jam … . but even if I missed the deadline I will still working to finish theme, because who knows if there will be another contest going on, and I also still need to sell games for living :D !

That’s all for now, cya!

Princess’ Edge is available on Rice Digital!



I should’ve make this post weeks ago but I keep forgetting it >.< !

So just like the title Princess’ Edge is available on Rice Digital here. There is also an interview about the game making process and stuff here.

And here is a sprite that I drew recently, I imagine that she will be the protagonist for an action rpg with chinese/japanese themed medieval and scifi setting.

KanaStanceSadly, an action RPG is to big to handle for me right now so this is won’t be my next project. That’s all for now!

Finally, the game is available at DLSite English!



Here is the link to buy the game at DLSite English:

Princess' Edge - Dragonstone at DLSite

or if you prefer to buy it at DLSite Japan, you can use this one instead :D

DL Site

Oh, and please note that at this time, there is no yuri content in the game, sorry T__T .. I will love to add it someday in the future though.

Here is the v0.16a Update to fix the gamepad bug, simply overwrite the previous files :D!



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